Raising up a new generation of apostolic prophetic movers


Word of the Lord 2024 Prophecy - Livestream!

14 Jan. 4pm (cest)

A New Prophetic Sound: Towncrier

We would like to make a new prophetic sound heard in the Netherlands and Europe. We are currently entering a new season in which there is a great need for hope. We bring hope by giving people direction and clarity.
We can give direction by interpreting the times. 
often unpredictable and changeable, but through God’s Words there will be stability and peace again. The prophetic word regains the place it should have; namely in the midst of the people to give her a foothold in difficult times.


Raising up a new generation of prophetic movers

What to expect

Center where new ideas and concepts will be born; an incubator of creativity, innovation and change


Gathering and training prophets from the Netherlands and Europe as an army

Platform for new prophets; forming and developing themselves

Inspiring and instructive events, where you grow in prophetic depth and acuity

Gathering, where you feel at “HOME” in your Tribe, your Ecclesia; meet and enjoy each other.

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