Raising up a new generation of apostolic prophetic movers.

Our desire is for a new prophetic sound to be heard in the Netherlands and Europe. At the moment we are walking into a new season in which there is a great need for hope. We bring hope by giving people direction and clarity. We can give direction by knowing the times. As prophet and apostle, we are associated with Bill Hamon’s ministry – Christian International. A ministry known for the Issachar anointing (knowing the times).

The times are often so unpredictable and changeable, but God’s Words bring stability and peace. The prophetic word will once more get the place it deserves. That is, in the midst of the people, to give them an anchor in challenging times.

There is also a great need for clarity. Clarity in the sense that the Truth is proclaimed.

Truth that sets people free and helps them to see solutions to daily problems in personal lives and in society. Clarity about the natural and spiritual world and how to keep standing and overcome. We have trained and mentored thousands in understanding the voice of God, transformation principles, spiritual gifts etc. Our aim is, through a new prophetic channel (The Towncrier), to let this sound of hope be heard.

We will see power released in increasingly visible signs and wonders following the believers. Accompanied by a message of grace and love to bring in the harvest in the near future.