Happy new year 2023

Ready or not, 2023 is coming, and with-it time for a refreshing and a restart for all. As you reflect on all 2022 held and look ahead to what is coming there is one thing, we desperate need: UNITY in the Body of Christ and society. All the national and international chaos are all part of God’s permissive design to create a crisis that leaves no options but to rediscover society and our culture.  Moreover, it forces the church to begin to operate as a functioning Ecclesia! He is in charge. We will give short overview what we could do this year. And if you like we have a long version too. (Read more button for every chapter will direct you to the full story)

Reflection Word of the Lord 2022

A new Beginning and a new year

Explosive this year will be. Explosive will be received. It will not always be easy, but I am showing Me. I am showing Me in all facets, as never before. It has never been so easy to find Me because I let Myself be found. I want nothing more than that no one should perish… (https://towncrier.eu/word-of-the-lord)

Read back and reflect on the word of the Lord from 2021 and 2022 before you will discover the new Word of the Lord for 2023 (to be released in two weeks). God was very clear:

My passion and My power will increase and will be seen and recognized. Those who do not know Me will be drawn to Me and fall into My arms and come home to Me. (WOTL22)

 And we have seen this worldwide. 2.5 billion people are now believers and in 2050 they expect 3.3 billion Christians (1 billion Pentecostal -Charismatic believers)

It was a year of contradictions. However, the contradictions will mainly take place within man himself. There is great struggle within the inner man. This struggle is accompanied by pain, disappointment, and sorrow. (WOTL 22) 

Many had (financial) sorrows this year. Society has never been so divided. For the first time in history, more people die from overeating rather than undereating, old age rather than infectious disease, and suicide rather than from soldiers, terrorists and criminals combined. Loneliness, lack of meaning and depression are the biggest problems in the society, and we have found a solution for that. One touch of His presence, one encounter with His love, and

they will never be the same. Every shadow of darkness that tries to hinder them to walk in their destiny must flee away.

Leave control out of your hands, for in control I can do nothing. In this there will also be a split amid My children. For many of My children still desire to be in control themselves, and in control the control itself has power over them. Know that I am in control of everything that happens in this world. Therefore, do not be surprised that you must go through suffering; the more My love and passion will become visible through you. Trust Me and you will inherit the earth. (WOTL22)

 In the upcoming year we will see more and more of The Holy Spirit that will flow to the body of Christ. And those who are able to surrender completely to the leading of the Holy Spirit will taste victory. There will be a great division in the churches, which bear fruit and those who will see unprecedented fruit. They will walk from Glory to Glory. The key is total surrender to the Holy Spirit.

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller because of all the technical developments. I am speeding this up and using it to make My Name great. I will help you to make use of everything that is available. My Spirit will give you insight, wisdom and knowledge in the developments that are now going on. And the world will be amazed that My children will take the lead politically, socially, and economically. (WOTL22). 

God connects us with people all over the world who are devising solutions to energy issues. Some are not techies but receive supernatural downloads in dreams with drawings. Kingdom entrepreneurs who really know what sharing means.

Kings, rulers, government leaders. They all think they are keeping their place warm and safe for the future. I am turning everything around! The inner confusion will cause them to walk in chaos and will cause them to look for footing and stability. This is a beginning of something new. The world, torn apart at the seams, will start looking for a solid foundation, norms, and values. The old norms and values are proving unhelpful and therefore must be replaced with new ones. (WOTL22).

Queen Elizabeth II has died; the crown was shaken and will be shaken again. But also, the Dutch crown. New leaders in Europe arise, after a period of lack of leadership in Europe. The strongmen will stand up in every nation of Europe to expose the hidden agenda from the past. “Everywhere in Europe, people aspire to take their destiny back into their own hands!” But they still need Jesus for the answers.My streams of love and grace will flow over the world, and they will cover the earth. My power will increase in it and be sufficient for everyone who has surrendered his life. No one will fall short, and no one will be able to keep it to himself. For this is My deepest wish for each one of 

you; Love the other with all your heart, for in this My love becomes visible. This will change the world and turn it upside down. Once again love the other, this is your reasonable worship service to Me, and all your wishes and desires will be realized. (WOTL22).

Share what you have received, and more streams of living water will flow from you. Be God’s ambassador of Love in society. See each other, love each other, multiply your wealth by sharing.

Word of the Lord 23

In January we will share the Word of the Lord for 2023. We share that Word with others from Christian International in a zoom meeting. This word of the Lord will get you ready for this season and you will know how you can be prepared.

Healing and deliverance nights 2022

This year we had several healing nights with local churches. Over the years we have seen hundreds of hundreds of people seen healed, from blindness, deafness, deaf muteness, rheuma, paralysis, etc. God is a God of miracles: “You are the God who works miracles; you show your might among the nations.” (Psalm 77:14) Who can study the universe and doubt His power of creation? Unlike the handiwork of the God of miracles, man’s work is puny and insignificant. God does great things, and He does them all with His own power, without the help of others.

The Bible uses three main words to refer to a miracle: sign, wonder, and power. These three words help us better understand what the phrase God of miracles means. Essentially, a miracle is an act of God beyond human understanding that demonstrates God’s power, amazes people, and acts as a sign that God is at work in the world. From a human perspective, a miracle from God is an extraordinary or unnatural event (a miracle) that reveals or confirms a specific message (a sign) through a mighty work (force). From the God of miracle’s point of view, a miracle is nothing special or unnatural. It is simply a divine display of His power; Power that draws people’s attention (a miracle) to His Word or His purposes (a sign).The God of miracles uses supernatural power to reveal Himself to people on earth. The Greek word translated “miracle” is dunamis (the root of our word dynamite) and means “power”. God’s miracles often defy or overwhelm the laws of nature, but not always. God can also work in nature to perform a miracle. When God parted the Red Sea, He used a strong wind: ‘‘Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove back the sea with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided’’ (Exodus 14:21). God uses miracles not only as a means to authenticate Himself to people, but to reveal Himself to people who have believing eyes to see. If you need a miracle of 

wonder in your personal life, stretch yourself to the miracle and walk to Jesus. Have someone pray for you and come to a prayer meeting in faith. In the past we have prayed over different couples who couldn’t receive children. Also, this year a lovely couple received a child after prayer. Children are a blessing from God.

Prayer warriors.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14. If we want to see fruit on all our activities, we should have a prayer lifestyle. In our prayer house we have received so much revealed knowledge from the Lord over the couple of years. This time with Him is precious to us. The depth of a leader is not measured by the gifts of strength and anointing that one sees, but by his prayer life and his teachings by revelation.

There are 7 Types of Prayer. Each one of these types of pray: faith, petition, thanksgiving, intercession, a song, and corporate have a Biblical foundation. They each serve a different purpose and you can easily incorporate them into your prayers. We will share an online training over this.
This year we joined and organized tree international prayer meetings around the globe. One is on a monthly basis with TOW (transform our World) worldwide to see nation transformation happen. The second one was a Day of Prayer for Ukraine and Russia on the 5th of March together with the International Alliance for Peace and Security. From every nation in Europe a prophet and an intercessor prayed for 12 hours into the situation of Ukraine. We represented the Netherlands. As a prayer intelligent network, we received so many insides, that we also could warn other national governments in Europe with revealed knowledge.

For the Rooftop GLOBAL Encounter, we had a prayer meeting on the 1st of October. Hearing what God is doing and saying all over the Globe in a 24/7 prayer meeting. We shared a message and share a prophetic word what was released in 100+ nations.

Kingdom Unity and fellowship

It’s so important to push Kingdom agenda in unity for the nations. We don’t have to impress each other. The only thing we must do is look through the eyes of the Lord to one another before we have any opinion of other leaders. We are raising up a new generation of young leaders all over the world. We share our home, invite them to stay over for weekends and guide them and have fellowship. So that they can grow and become mature. Unity and a serving heart is important. Unity in-between leaders is free from mutual comparison, hidden agenda, building ministries instead of the Kingdom. They raise up, they set others free in their destiny, encourage one another, enjoy each other’s success, esteeming the other better than oneself, are glad that others are doing greater works than they themselves have 

ever done, are subservient and take young leaders under their wing, Bless other ministries with their finances, and are not afraid to fall short themselves. do not talk about a lack of honour but know how to honour others. their character has been developed over years. They are not lazy but ponder the Word by day and by night. Invest time in fellowship with each other’s and rejoice what God is doing.

Equipping the Saints.

Many Christians are looking for “the Day of the Lord” but before that day comes the Lord is preparing His Bride for His Divine purposes in the earth. All creation longs for that day – The Day of the Saints. This day is on God’s prophetic timetable and is the day when the Saints will fulfil all the Scriptures regarding Christ’s glorious church. So, we must train the Church. This year we organized the School of Transformation again. This time in Grace Worship Centre Delden. The church is led by great couple, Dennis and Chantal van Garling.

We saw many lives being transformed. People raised up like a real army of the Lord. Aware of their God given authority in God. People got healed, delivered, hope was restored, marriages empowered, and they were equipped as saints. With prophetic clarity, together with Biblical directives and the spiritual power we prepared and propelled the saints of God into the world. As apostles we must duplicate ourselves in others. The saints of God are called to take the message of the Kingdom into the marketplaces of the world. In the upcoming year we will do the training again. 

Global Counsel of Nations.

As European and EMA director of GCN we had 6 meetings this year with the int. board. 2022 Theme was: Arming the Next Generation to win Global Ideological Battles. The Global Council of Nations is an international group of high-level leaders who relate together to analyse the key issues of human rights and responsibilities among current global social and economic problems. [read more]

Comprised of leaders from multiple disciplines and callings, this invitation only network seeks to apply principle-based solutions to the problems we commonly face surrounding liberty, justice and economic opportunity. 

There were held tree regional summits: Latin America, Africa and North America. Ongoing Service Projects:   

FAMILIES, WOMEN, and LIFE (& young global leaders)


– CITIZEN EDUCATION, Ideology & Communication

– COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT & local Ecclesia Action

Dennis Peacock spoke on our own conference this year in January speaking about the destiny of nations.

Awakening Europe.

For hundreds of years, missionaries took the gospel from Europe to the ends of the earth. Men and women gave everything so that villages, cities, and even whole nations would turn to God. In the last few years, we saw a clear vision that God would call back to Europe people from across the world who have European heritage. But they weren’t just coming for an event, they were coming on a mission. A mission to bring the gospel back to the very nations it was sent from, and the timing of this event has never been more important.

We were part of the Dutch leadership team of Awakening from Ben Fitzgerald. More than 1200 people give their lives to Christ. 7000-10000 came together daily. But more incredible part was the pre-event “The flood”. To evangelize on the street. We loved the fellowship; the unity and we love to encourage the evangelists on the streets. Their compassion to bring in the people was amazing. They did the real job.

We had our own stand on awakening to raise up a new generation of prophetic voices in Europe. Hundreds of people lined up for a prophetic word or received direction.

Thank you for your continued prayers and for standing with us. Happy New Year!

With love & blessings,
Towncrier Team,

Siebe & Volke Slagter, Andrea Bukowski, Heidi Joubert and Virginia Towo