Word of the lord 2021

2 january 2021 – Volke Slagter


I am the Lord of Hosts, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

For everyone who believes in Me, will enjoy the blessings I have promised Abraham. It is a year of abundance and wealth, but also a year of perseverance and holding on to My promises.

It will be a year of contradictions, that knows no equal. Because of this we will have to stand firm in the Word and proclaim His Word: That what is not, will be and what was not discovered, will be found.

Matt.7:7 will become increasingly important in this year: “Pray and you will be given; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened”. I’m a God who can’t lie. Therefore, anyone who prays, receives, seeks, finds, and he who knocks, I will open the door for him.

It is a year when black and white coexist, but they will not understand each
other. And they will be more and more separated.

There will be no room for grey anymore, a choice has to be made.

I long to come first in My children’s everyday life, then I will be able to bless them like I always wanted to do from the foundation of the earth.

My desire was to have my own special people with whom I could share everything. That’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to set My people apart for a time that’s coming.

Because of My people, the world will see that I am God. And that I’m still the same as I used to be in the days of Abraham. I don’t change and never will.

Anyone who puts their trust in Me will never be ashamed. I’m going to speed things up and put things in position. Things I haven’t done before will be seen by anyone who believes. Not only will signs and wonders be seen by My children, but I am going to reveal Myself to a very strong degree that one has not yet dreamed of. I will visit my children, not only at night, but also during the day when they are at work or wherever they are. I will show them who really is the Lord of Lords: “The Lord Almighty is with us”. Surrender completely, it is not too late and I will come with My healing Hands.

I am going, by My Spirit, through My people to heal and restore her perfectly, that she may be ready for the Last Day. A day we’re all looking forward to is coming soon.

However, first, there will be conflict and confusion through all society. People will go against each other and the confusion will reach its peak. All this is in my Hands and I will use this to set my people apart and make her visible. I lead her, like a shepherd, His sheep. None of my sheep have to be afraid, nothing can hurt them. I go out for them and lead them through My Spirit, as before; through the Red Sea. Expect it from Me and you will be amazed by the wonders you will discover in heaven.

It will be a time of new discoveries and developments. It’s the beginning of something bigger, which I’ll run after that. Something that will develop like a snowball which is unstoppable afterwards. My Name will bear it and My Name will be honored; For from Me and through Me and for Me are all things.

I’m a jealous God. I long to receive the full attention of My children. If they will humiliate themselves, I will raise them. I’m going to put my children in positions where they’re going to make My Name known and where I’m going to show who I am. As a result, many will come to Me, and the Harvest will be great.

I am the Lord of the Harvest. Anyone who has borne fruit in the past year will see even more fruit at work and that fruit will remain. Give and you will receive. Take care of the little ones among us. Know, who’s doing this, will be great in my Kingdom. Take care of each other, because you need each other this year; to encourage, confirm and support in every area. Then My Love will be complete and I will be able to show Myself as I am longing for.

Finally, I long for an inner relationship with all of my children. Let them understand My soft voice and be guided by My Spirit. This is what I mean in Rom.12, as “true and proper worship.” Then I will give each one that, he is created for and one will esteem the other better than himself. They will be one Body, I will surround this Body with Strength, Wisdom and Love. They will be invincible.

I’ve spoken. Listen to this Word and it will strengthen and encourage you.